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Friday, May 14, 2010

Gliding through time

I realize how long I have not been blogging. And I have also lost my intention and initiative to blog. It could be probably be related to my school life(I don't know), but this, may be my last post. MAY be.

So I'll be away for a while. Please don't waste your time to stop by here. Unless I inform you that I made a new entry, there will not be upcoming posts.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Eventful Events

So many things happened throughout the weekend.... Courtney left us on Monday, which made her cried since she's gonna miss Spencer, Ameer from 1C got caught making out with a girl in class 2C(wth?!), which I find it ridiculous, I.U. Day was on Thursday, Concert Practices started, Monitors are going to be installed within 72 hours and so on.....

I barely knew Ameer, but he was a monitor, and yet as a Muslim, he dared to make out with a girl. Wow. I heard that they even planned through text messages befor they have their make-out moment. I mean, of so many places, WHY 2C?! Cctv's were along the corridors of Block B, and he chose our class. Good job, you've just sacked yourself.

I.U Day was... a little boring. They did a not bad opening, but the sketch was.... too sacarstic. I've only liked the part where Patrick pops out of nowhere. And June's singing(whoa she one person that I can say really sing for nuts). Saw Kaylee and Nat during the Roll Call.

Celestial Garden's a little boring. Since my role's a guest, I'll just have to sit and talk and drink and wait to be serve. I mean, not only that, we even get to wear a tux for RM 100! Where the fuck you would get that?!

Monitors installation. We did a rehearsal today, and Danial got screwed for not wearing the Monitor's tie, and in fact, it was actually Brendan's fault for taking the tie in accident. So they both got screwed, and Yu Shen was absent, not for the day, but for the rehearsal. Once Madam Stanley finds out, he's going to be screwed too. :(

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Do not get the wrong idea. Yellow house's gymrama had chickens feathers on their costume(I think) and they did some chicken dance WHICH made the parents laugh their asses off. Well that, MADE US 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(drum rolls)(WEEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, CHICKENS~, AND WE WILLLLLL KEEP ON CHICKENING OUT~). Damn I took too much RedBull. :(

Got 7th for 4oom again. strained my left thigh and my arms were aching. I suppose the aching on the arms were because of the fitness test. Mr Low was conducting it yesterday. Hou Wei seemed to be humping instead of pumping. Hillarious.

Blue House appeared last. Spencer was emo because he lost the 4x100 event. I'm sorry for you Mr Black.

Prinesh wanted to race with me 400. We decided to go to Desa Parkcity tomorrow. He couldn't make it, mom's didn't want him to go. Too bad.

Australians. Nicole hosted 1. Our class gotten so much noisier then. She's Courtney, and I suppose Alvin seemed to be interested in her. If Spencer wouldn't have his girl, he would be asking Courtney out by now. 0.0

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Forgotten to blog last week. Oops.

Earth Hour's over. And I didn't get a chance to do something meaningful within that period of time. Owh wells.

Results were okay. I've just got, an A. just 1. Maths. WOOH!!!!! Mom wasn't happy about that. Who she thinks I am? Brainee?

Singaporeans came on Monday. We exchanged so what called "culture" and honestly, i found my school better than the Singaporeans. Yagnesh did so well that everyone laughed of racism and stuff.

I seriously lost my enthusiasm to blog, no other reasons but it's most probably laziness.O.O

Friday, February 26, 2010


Water is so important to us. You should be aware of that. But mainly the reason why I had "Water" for my Title is because everything I'm going to say later is all related to water.

Wan Jia's open house was last Thursday, we all swam in her house, which was... tiring. Of course. I only recalled me and Xi Zhe spraying water from the cylindrical water gun attach to our rear. You know rear? the "V" below our body. Yes and that produce the image in our brain that, we're peeing into the pool. How creative. As Madam Shabnam says:" Think out of the box class." Point proven.

Mentioned about my new bottle earlier right??? Taking it as my life now. Drink 5 bottles of that kind per day. Thanks to sports practices, the water vending machine gotten popular again. Our pespiration increased day by day that you can actually wash clothes with sweat, well of course it'll will stink. Then it shouldn't be called washing, it's stinking.

Spencer had something drastic on Wednesday. During lunch he transformed to a chair and Matthew sat on him. He suffocated, then Matthew took a coin and dropped it into his mouth. He spat out the coin, well I don't think it went in I think it knocked it's teeth though. And all of a sudden he sat up and spat out white fluid. And shit Matthew for getting that gross thing out of Spencer's mouth. Spencer had heatstroke in the end.

Thursday, which was yesterday. Nisa had a joke in her mind and asked:

Nisa: Jiahan, do you like water?
Me: Yeah what's wrong with water?
Nisa: Do you LOVE water???
Me: Hell of course I love water.
Nisa: Then you love 70% of my body! :D
Me: (in mind) no screw you!
Me: Was that from our Science Textbook?

And so that happened to Spencer by saying he likes 70% of Jasdev's body.
I kesian Kertna since every joke she makes will definitely be ruined by Jasdev. Try a better one Kertna.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Buy or not buy?

Forgotten to mentioned that Melville came back from Australia afte 3 years. He did came back before U.N. Day, sorry to 2Cs that I forgot to ask him about Aussies facts. He's a cool person though, but pity towards his height. Went back hometown in a same car, had reunion lunch, bla bla, stoned, watch mahjong, then off to iPoh Parade! thanks to Kathryn for the ride.

We had tea there, then Kathryn suddenly said: "wanna try mango rice?" What she say? Comes in the rice, topped with mango and....coconut milk. Felt so awkward for you are like eating fats in the form of glutinous rice and coconut milk. eww.Then Melville shopped, why Melville? He bought the most stuff. In fact I'm window shopping. How you go shopping with less than a 100 ringgit in your wallet?

Another reunion dinner was held in a restaurant, just imagine how many Yee Sang I took within 24 hours. Took some pictures, ate, felt stuffy, nearly puked, close to explosion of digestive system, then I felt okay after ENO's help.

Stayed in a hotel, the house was full. Since my parents went out for gatherings, my and my brother watched The Suite Life on Deck in the hotel's TV. In fact, it's so hillarious that I slept. Tough luck, my dad phoned me to unlock the door. Damnit. Waking up from bed by force is a negative aura.

Carved Memories

So many things to do so little time. Tell me if I repeated this phrase in the older posts. Well I wasn't blogging for 2 weeks, so definitely there's loads of things to say.

CNY reunion dinner 1 in Subang. Saturday. Time: 0946. State: Temporary retarded. Iherng said having tution there is much more convienient for Eening since she no need to come to Kepong and then go back again. Environment-friendly people, I supposed. Tution for me and Linhan was merely 2 hours but 4 hours for Eening. So we did 4 hours too. In fact, 50% of the tution is always positive crap that will make up your day. Even the teacher calls himself an enlightment.

It's a barbecue dinner, so that means humans aged 25 and below have to be the chefs for the day, there was sausages, squids, prawns, lamb, and sotong, and kambing.... wait doesn't that brings up to a same thing? Well it was awesome, my aunt made sambal which was...PHEW. spicy-er, terror-er, tremor-er, awesomer, kick-er, and better compared to any other sambal. Well she Thai so you'll have to pull high expectations on her. Max invented a new way of grilling squids: by rolling it on the stove over and over again. Yet, the intelligent me, invented a better way of cooking: just cut it into pieces and fry on the pan. You can even add sauces to maximize it's taste to another level. They(the not so young ones) left great comments about it. YAY!

Angpau's are the stuff that made up my day. The continuous flow of red packets into my pockets for 4 minutes and 34 seconds, how thrilling it could be. Kai Xien and Kai Jun was there. And they were so eager to play RAW on the PS2. Why? The Undertaker is their idol. Simple.

Will be posting every event in a seperate post each. Someone questioned me: JiaHan why are your posts so little after a year? Well since it's an average of 5 posts per month I'll just increase the number of posts and decrease the length of one post.